Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prom, Yarn, and Work

Every time I go on Ravelry (app. every three minutes), I search for new posts on the destashing group or new yarns to sell that are my favorite yarns (i.e., silk lace, or socks that rock). So I do (and have been) trading quite a bit on Ravelry. I almost always check the person though searching the name through the forums, so I can see if they're on the "naughty" list. So every time I do this, I catch little glimpse of what they do on ravelry, - dishcloth swaps, coffee swaps, if they're a moderator, etc. It's just so weird to see what other people do. Just a little glimpse of only one part of their life!

But anyways. My prom's tomorrow. I'm ready - the dress is totally finished (yes, I may not have a petticoat, but I am wearing a poofy skirt of mine underneath), so is the purse and shawl. I'm ready. I even painted my nails (natural, but I have nail polish that matches my dress, soooo...). I'm working tonight, and the best part is I wore what I'm wearing to work to school. I love not having a uniform.

The only issue I'm having is my hair. I really want like a classic 1950s updo, because I really just look like a housewife at a cocktail party with my dress, shoes and shawl. Like here.
But sadly, I just don't now to do that! (if anyone has any suggestions: tell me!) So I think I'll just do what I did last year with just curling it.

Oh, I dyed some yarn!

Photobucket For sale at my etsy shop (look at the sidebar).

This one is my favorite. I think I might have to keep it.

I'll update more later. I've actually been knitting my printed silk cardi, it's about 6" in the body !!!! I might actually have a sweater soon (aka in two months!).

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Anonymous said...

I love your yarn, it's very pretty. :) I so can't wait till I can get to try it out myself! Mum says I'll ruin her kitchen, so I'll just wait and ruin my own. ;)

Was your prom this weekend (I'm horrible with dates)? If so, I expect a full update!! :)