Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lace weight Lust

I want laceweight. Undyed, handdyed, silk, wool, alpaca, handpainted lace weight. Not only that, but I have this overwhelming urge to knit scarves. And not stop. Not just any scarves, lace scarf. Particularlyher lace scarves. All of them. I want to start with the fiddle head one, though.

I bought this the other day at the LYS. I love it.


And today, my huge cone of yarn came!

Photobucket(the watch is there for size, and also so you can see how awesome my watch is!)

I dyed some of it, but I'm going to wait a little, because I might want to over dye it. It didn't turn out the rich blue I was imagining. I think I'll sell it, because it's still quite pretty. I'll show you on fiber friday.

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