Saturday, May 17, 2008

Where I Show Some Pictures, and Rant

Almost every weekend, I drive home, and on the way down from the top of the mini hill my boyfriend lives after, I look at my town. I've never particularly liked it, it just is there. We make fun of our town, but every time I come over that hill and see route six, and almost no one on the road, I realize I'm typical. I've spent my whole life trying and hoping not to be, but on the surface, I'm very predictable and normal.

I've lived my whole life in one town, I've worked hard in school only to find out that in the end it doesn't matter anyways, as long as you pass college, I've had a crappy job, I've got a boyfriend and two very best friends, with a lot of close circles of friends around...


This shouldn't surprise me but it does. I've always thought that I should stick out - with my little weird things I do, but just on the surface, I don't. And it doesn't bother me. I think I'm fine with my normal-ness.

(excuse the random pictures and rant - I've really got nothing new to show! My new job isn't that great. I stand, and it's painful. I'm talking to him more about it all on monday, so maybe I'll get a stool.)

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Anonymous said...

I had the same experience some time ago. When I was younger, I tried so hard to stand out and be different from all the others. I guess I was, but that was because I secluded myself so as not to imitate them..

Anyway, after high school (or rather, during the last year of it) I started liking, or at least admitting that I'd always liked, different stuff. Pink. Pop music. Shiny things. Hello, new world! I'd always been normal, I'd always been something of a mainstream girl and ... it was okay. I don't think anyone's normal, really (the pretty, shiny girl over there might be into D&D or rock climbing) just like no one's really weird. It's a whole large thoughtful subject, really. ;)

Lovely pictures, by the way. I love the one of you and Mike!