Tuesday, July 29, 2008

FO: College Socks

This FO needs a little background story. I have two best friends (well, I'm not in first grade so I have alot but these are the two important ones). Mollee, and Leyna. To our other friends, we are the "Holy Trinity", and sort of inseparable, despite the fact I haven't seen leyna in a month.

So, early in my knitting career, Mollee told me she didn't want any knit things. I made her a dress, a sewn turtle, among other things, but I only knit her one thing before this rule - some armwarmers. I think she instated to insure that she would never dislike anything I made for her, therefore hurting her feelings.

Recently (like in May), she agreed to let me make her and leyna "college" socks - un-matching socks for each of them. So one girl would have two colors each, but together the four socks would be a matching pair. And later, she saw me knitting some rainbow yarn and asked "Sam, is the rainbow yarn expensive?" To which I answered "Not really", and she asked for rainbow socks (well, one of them).


And here they are!

Patterns: Hedgerow Socks and Anastasia Socks
Yarn: Ultra Two ply from wool2dye4.com - rainbow dyed by me, blue and purple by Shoelesswonder!
Needles: 2.25mm 32" circ.
Mods: none!




Anonymous said...

Nice socks! And beautiful story as well. :) I've been wanting to make the Hedgerow socks, but never did find a nice close up picture of the pattern.. Now I have! These babies are getting bumped up.

You have very lucky friends. :)

Team Knit ! said...

both those socks are awesome! great job.

- Julie

Anonymous said...

The socks are great and thanks for filling us in on the backstory because it makes the socks that much better.