Thursday, July 17, 2008

List Day!

1. Today, I "trained" to be a waitress. aka, I took a couple of tables during lunch, and followed the other waitress a little. And hopefully, I'll get a couple of waitress lunch shifts, and that will make more money. Hopefully.

2. When I got home, I got to spend time with that person I call my boyfriend, but for some reason, it feels as if I don't see him a lot. It was good.

3. I went to my future LYS of employment's knit night thingy.


There was yarn.

And I bought a bag.


5. I sewed a lining in it, and see that little pocket? There were bamboo DPNs in that pocket.


6. Those DPNs? I sewed right over them in the pocket, didn't even notice.


Yup, I'm smart.


Elizabeth said...

Did you put the DPNs there? Or were they a surprise accidental purchase?

Knitika said...

Oh LOL! The poor dpns! And your poor sewing needle! Oooooops.