Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm a Goin' Somewhere's

Excuse my bad english, it just seemed appropriate, as I am going to college.

Very soon.

As in Saturday.

First, fabric and fiber needed to be organized (clothes? I can MAKE clothes).

Fabric that once filled that box is now a meager half of it, and fiber which was once everywhere is now contained also to that box. (Yes, I'm bringing my sewing machine and spinning wheel to college)


And then this is just plain old stuff that has been collected in the middle of my room.


I still have to pack clothes. I have two of those large cardboard boxes left, and that's all the clothes I SHOULD pack, right?

College will be like many things that have come before it for you guys - I don't know if it'll be me posting all the time (well, as consistently as I do now - which I do pretty well), or not at all. Hopefully I continue the consistent-ness. But between classes and hanging out, I'm also worrying about knitting time. Honestly, there's no one that really can give me an answer if I'll have free time because I need to work on a portfolio too!

We'll see I guess.

(There hasn't been alot of knitting - a little progress on Millie #2, but not much - I want to get past the lace by Saturday though! I've been doing alot of packing though...)

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Anonymous said...

I'm half-way through my first week, and I am wiped out when I get home. I think I've knit maybe 3 repeats on my feather and fan scarf all week. Just can't muster up the energy. ;)

I'm sure it'll fall into place eventually, but I think the first couple of months where you get settled and live on your own and get used to everything, your energy level is going to be low and knitting will perhaps be non-existant. But I'm positive that it'll come back soon! :)

Good luck, m'dear. I hope you have a smashing time!