Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just Alpaca

No knitting that I can show you, but I CAN show you some fiber p0rn.

CONTEST WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON THE 18TH! I got a craft/knitting book from the 70s for the prize. It's got some really cute sweaters!

I got some alpaca. From the alpaca that I met, and I'm going back on thursday for some sock yarn with alpaca and bamboo in it! Interesting combo, huh?



And his yarn! The owner of the farm said he had a very long staple length, about 6"! the farm is called Black Roads farm, I want to do a long post on it, so I'll link that then!


And some Malabrigo for a sweater for my sister.


Of course, some Online sock for mike's socks. (none of which I've started so it won't interfere with the contest).


Okay, I got to go, I'm in a car outside a library in maine that's actually closed. And my computer's battery isn't happy, and mike's just died!

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Anonymous said...

Those alpacas are adorable! The yarn looks divine.