Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cooking WIPs Contest!

I don't think I mentioned it, but I'm leaving for maine on thursday. I won't be back until Saturday night, and there won't be much internet inbetween. (Dial up, but man, it's damn slow.)

So, I've got some WIPs.

That Printed Silk Cardigan that I JUST picked up again, and am now loving. I've got up to the bust increases on the whole body, and one sleeve done.


Then there's little Millie. I started some Millicent knee socks from Cookie A. frogge d the 15" calf, and cast on for the 13". Here's before frogging.


Now, I just finished the ribbing on the right sized one.

And then we have the mitten.


As of now, it's blocking and has a thumb, and a longer hand. I'm happy with the fit, and when I start knitting the next, I plan on beginning to write up the pattern. ETA: I choose a striped thumb for those wondering, I like how it echoed the ribbing!

Finally, there's Seascape. I started this about a week ago, with some lovely silk lacweight, and I'm about 1/4 the way through the second chart for the first time.


So which one do you think I'll finish this vacation? Whoever guesses right, I plan on looking for something cool to send them, and possibly knitting related in the tag sales/used book store in maine. (Last year, I got a couple Retro knitting magazines and books) Remember, I'm leaving Thursday, there's a 9 hour drive up and then again back, and we don't do much in Maine. Mostly, we just sit there! And by the way, I'll count one finished Millie as an FO. If nothing is finished, I'll pull a name out of a hat! One guess please!


Lexi said...

I think you will finish Millie! At least I hope you do, because it's so pretty! Happy knitting!

Miss Lu said...

Great pictures.

My guess is the sweater!!

Elena12 said...

Hmm...I'm guessing The Printed Silk Cardigan! =)

Amanda said...

I'm guessing seascape! Have fun in Maine!

Sarah said...

I guess the mittens!

M. said...

Definitely do the Printed Silk Cardigan! It's gorgeous. It looks soo neat. Knock yourself out in Maine;0

CN said...

I'm guessing the Printed Silk Cardigan! It looks really pretty =)

I hope you have lots of fun on your trip!
aka crochetcollection on Ravelry

Toby said...
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Toby said...

I guess the mittens. I definitely want to learn Fair Isle when those are finished!
Toby (ThePenguin on Ravelry)

Merenwen said...

I'm gonna guess.... the mitten! :)

Bobbles said...


Have fun in Maine.

cindy said...

I'm guessing the Printed Silk Cardigan.
Enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

Gonna go with Millie. Have a nice trip!

Anonymous said...

OOh, they all look awesome so far. :] I choose the Printed Silk Cardigan. :]