Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby And Booties

I really have about ten million things I want to tell you about, but I think I'll keep it to two or three for now.

First, I finally met my baby cousin on Sunday.

Cute, huh? Chubby little boy, his name is Max, and I made him some booties. These were started spur of the moment on Saturday, and finished entirely (I just braided the ties on Sunday) on Sunday. I knit them out of my handspun, with the only needles I could find in my house - size 5. I was very lucky to find a pattern at all!

I didn't get an action shot because too many people were cooing over him! (I also had a hard enough time getting a clear picture of his face let alone his feet - he sure likes to move!)

I also took some pictures of things I've knit in action, so to speak.

My mom wore her sweater vest to my Nana's house for my uncle's 50th, where I saw my baby cousin.

And then, my nana does not wear her Print O' the Wave, but she displays it on the table. She likes it!

Okay, and last but not least, I dyed some yarn on Sunday. Remember how I spun some heavy laceweight?

Now it's this gorgeous indigo. (Blue in some lights, purple in others)

I love it, and already started knitting a scarf with it. Then, I promptly decided that I didn't have enough for a scarf, so I'm going to make a cowl instead... I just need to find those needles.

I have more things, but I'll wait for tomorrow to show you.

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