Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Half Way There!

I went to Acmoore today - which can be a dangerous thing around Christmas time. I love penguins, and with Christmas comes penguins. I found these little Chinese take out boxes, in all different sizes, and in the smallest size, there were ones with penguins on them...but not in the big sizes! (Which are perfect for gifting socks in!)

Cute, huh? They're the actual size of real Chinese boxes, too!

And I bought some yarn for my Dad's fingerless gloves, too (I don't mind showing it here even though my dad reads this because it's black, for goodness sake!).

I've heard some good and some bad about this yarn, but I think it'll make good warm fingerless gloves, and I'll get to try it out!

This is my Uncle's green sock, that I've had the toe done of for about a month now! Mostly because I could not decide on a pattern. I just made up a 1 by 1 cable every four row, and it looks fine so far.

And finally, Liesl is past the bust, and fits my sister, and is speeding along. I really haven't been knitting anything else since Sunday, so it better be speeding along!

Ignore the awful color in this picture, I forget it gets dark so early now. I hope to have the body finished by Sunday and sleeves by the next week.

Have a good Thanksgiving tomorrow! (At least those in the US) I get two, one tomorrow and one the next day (I'll have pictures!).

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Traci said...

Oh no they didn't...Aloe in Yarn!?! Does it feel any different?