Monday, November 24, 2008

Socks and a Sweater

Today is Monday. I only have two classes tomorrow, and despite the fact that one ends at 720 so I can't leave until at least 8, and that I have to work, I'm very happy.

Yes, I now officially have a job. I work as a "student stitcher" for the Hartt School (a college within the University of Hartford that is well known for it's musical program). I started today, and I must say, it's going to be a very good job. My past two jobs have been in the foods service - as a hostess. Compared to this job, they were hell.

I got there, and Marla (my "head" boss)handed me over to Jen (Everyone asks her questions, so I'm assuming she's the "head" of the sewing part), who gave me some sort of test. I cross stitched (different then in embroidery), back stitched (also different), basted, slip and whip stitched. She said some of the stitches were a little loose, but otherwise good (they do lot of impermanent work, because alterations always are done). I did a sewing machine test - similar, switching stitches going around curves, etc.

There were 6 women in the shop when I was there, and it was lovely because they had this constant chatter going on, about in-laws and Chinese food and what to make for dinner tonight (they all seem to be around mid-20s to late 20s), and then the older women (3 older, 3 younger) interjected once in a while. Mary, the cutter and draper, is older and is absolutely hysterical. It was nice and relaxing being there - mostly because it's very easy for me to listen and sew at the same time, and my brain seems to be the most happy doing that. (It's the same with knitting!)

Now, I finished Nana's Socks, and I want to keep them - lucky they're too small!

Pattern: Merino Lace in the book, "Favorite Socks"
Yarn: Plymouth Happy Feet, 1.5 skeins
Needles: Harmony dpns size 2.25mm.
Mods: None, other then screwing up the amount of repeats before the heel, so I had to change the chart.

And then, I started a Liesl for my little sister!

I'm knitting it with Malabrigo - it's like knitting with butter. It creates a oddly strong fabric, though.

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voiceofmanycolours said...

The Liesl is looking beautiful! I love the yarn.