Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Presents

Excuse the blurry pictures, my camera won't focus nicely.

But look at all these presents! All but two are handmade. And I'm only missing two under the tree, but! One's on the needles now, and the other (an Elijah toy elephant) I've decided can knit that right up til Christmas day. The recipient is a baby, I don't think he'll care.

I'm proud of myself! A week and a day! I'm finally home now from school for good, but I am going back to work in January. I can't even comprehend that right now. Remember those shorts mentioned in the last post? Already ruined a yard of the green fabric. I think I might need to actually measure when cutting instead of just going by the pair of flattened out shorts I had. Ah, well, I don't need them finished until Tuesday night!

1 comment:

Krafty Keri said...

Wow! Cute tree =) That's way more handmade gifts than I got done... Good luck with the shorts.