Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Hot Steaming Pile

Of silk. I almost totally forgot that I wanted to dye some silk for my aunt and send it to her for christmas. Red does not take well in silk (or in any fiber for that matter, I learned from Jess that red dye is chemically the last to bond. So I've learned that the hard way many times.

I'm pretty I dye in the most wasteful and inefficient way. I don't do it for selling, and I don't think I'll get more dyes if I run out, so really I don't care. I think some how I use twice as much dye as I should and I use a gallon of vinegar on like a pound or two of yarn/fiber. Hey, it works.

That color above? Not what I wanted. So I added more blue (a little too much, but like I said... I also poured away about half of the green left over!).

And I know that these look like monster gloves, but I promise, they will not eventually look like that. I think I started them this weekend, so the plan is to be finished with them by Sunday!

1 comment:

Patt said...

just looking thru your blog and wanted to tell you what a fine knitter I think you are. In other words, YOU ROcK
Hugs Patt