Friday, December 26, 2008

Day After Christmas

Presents were received.

By my grandpop.

By my little cousin. (Mini Max)

By Me! First, the camera that I took all these pictures with, a Cannon Powershot A590.

And, this:

Knitpicks interchangeable needles!

And, more presents were started - I know lots of January babies.

Socks for Mike's sister in Essential tweed- not pictures because they're coming along really fast!

And a cowl for my mom! It's from Farmhouse Yarns, sold at Connecticut Wool and Yarn company. A lovely yarn store, I loved how the yarn was mostly organized by color.

I love the yarn! (and of course, my new needles!)

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floderten said...

Cool! :) My brother got me a perfume for Christmas (as did two others) so his is getting exchanged for those needles. I can't wait to get them! My only 'complaint' is that when I buy them in the UK, I don't have an option for a 40 cm. (16"?) cable. Would've been nice for hats and cowls and such. But maybe I can get one cheap from the US later! :)

Anyway, looks like the presents were well-received! Hope you had a lovely day!