Sunday, December 14, 2008

Done, Done, Done.

FO: First semester of freshman year. All I have to do now is one little portfolio review on Tuesday, and that's IT! I'm working until Wednesday, so Wednesday afternoon I'll be home for a whole month!

About monday, Mike told me that he had a surprise for me. Saturday night, he picked me up, blindfolded me, drove around for a 1/2 hour and walked me up into Mollee's house where there was a surprise birthday party! I had NO idea, and I didn't even bring my camera! It was wonderful, and very sweet. They had me fooled!

I decided today that Christmas shopping is absolutely useless and though I looked and looked and looked today for gifts that were small, cute and like my friends, I could not find anything! I went to joann's, picked up some flannel and some elastic and I'm making them little bed shorts. I think they'll like them.

I also picked up some laptop case fabric. I've had an idea for a tight-fitting laptop sleeve that would have handles and a detachable strap. I think it might possibly make my huge laptop easier to carry.

Something like this only with the detachable strap.

I bought some fabric to do so with, and of course didn't think anything of getting to no lining for the case, but I think I'll have enough.

And I've been knitting slowly on mom's scarf. Getting there!

Please ignore the dirty carpet! Not too much being done knitting wise, but hopefully that'll change with in the next few days - since I'll have to do in the next three days is work only four hours, I don't see why I wouldn't be knitting constantly the rest of the time!

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Jolynn said...

Those are going to be cute shorts! I love all of these fabrics!