Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two things

First, this sock...

Pattern: Made it up
Yarn: Cascade hertiage, colorway, forest.
Needles: 2.25mm
One down, and about 3/4 a sock to go.

After this, I only have four things to knit for Christmas!

And after that, I'm playing with the idea of a cable pullover for me, a sweater for my mom (a very far off idea) and a sweater for mike. I want to make mine out of Lionbrand Fisherman's wool, which is CHEAP. $12 for a sweater!

Second - It's my birthday! My tree looks cute today!

My friends know me too well - chapstick, penguins, and a self-growing Christmas tree.


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday!

Jolynn said...

Well Happy Birthday!! ^_^

Miss Lu said...

Happy birthday! <3 I love the tree!! I've been wanting to decorate my dorm for the holidays but I just don't have the time...