Saturday, December 6, 2008

And It Begins

Christmas wrapping, preparing, etc.

I finished Andy's Socks.

Pattern: Little Two stitch cable, knit toe up. My own, if there's interest, I'll write up the pattern.
Yarn: Cascade Heritage, "Forest"
Needles: Magic looped, knitpicks 32" size 2.25mm circular.

And I've started wrapping, mostly because I'm overexcited about these little chinese boxes...

All knit gifts, and I have four more to knit, half a scarf, two more pairs of socks, some gloves, a baby sweater, and maybe some mittens (notice how the list grows?).

A couple of those things can be pushed back, though, and Mike STILL hasn't asked his mother and grandmother what they want (but if it's not some thing small, they can blame mike for not getting it on time!).

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Miss Lu said...

I like the socks a lot! As a beginning sock knitter, I'm always on the lookout for easy patterns that aren't just plain vanilla socks. If you get the time, you should definately write up the pattern.