Thursday, January 1, 2009

List Day!

This is going to be a list post, mostly so I can organize myself...

1. I had a lovely New Year's Eve at a friend house (they have a large family and all the kids have friends over, some people sleep over, but the older ones go home, it's great!). A friend of mine slept over and this morning we had a nice breakfast, went to Starbucks and then! A new yarn store!

2. It's about 2 miles from my house (bad, but good!), and has a good selection of yarn. Some sock, some sweater yarns, some lace and acrylic and wool and ALPACA. I LOVE alpaca, I'd say it's my favorite fiber. It's small, but still a good selection, and seems to be able to cater to everyone's tastes. Not over-priced either!I might print out some of my patterns and ask her to put them out with the yarns. AND I might teach some classes there. I spoke to the owner, and she said that I could teach a class on magic loop. (I do most of my socks like that) Probably in February!

I bought some nice alpaca - Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light.

Remember those polka dot mittens that failed? I'm thinking a larger yarn version! (I even have testers for this pattern)

3. Last FO of 2008, finished yesterday afternoon.

Pattern: Just plain vanilla socks!
Yarn: Knitpicks Essential Tweed Plum
Needles: Size 2.5 mm, US 1.5
For Mike's sister ally for her birthday!

And I started another pair of socks!

4. Remember how I got a camera for christmas? I love it. It's a Cannon Powershot A590. If you want a cheap, but good camera, it's perfect. It runs around $110, and has a million different settings, a good amount of mega pixels (8), good macro, and takes dark pictures fairly well - and so far, the color accuracy has been perfect. It's made me realize exactly how much adjusting I did on my old camera. My ONLY problem (just a little issue really) is that it doesn't have supermacro like my old camera.

5. Finally, a couple New Year's Resolutions. First, I want to try not to buy to much yarn (Says the girl going to Webs on Saturday). Not entirely stop, but I've got ALOT of stash yarn, and I'd like to keep my yarn purchases cheap and minimal. I think I have enough yarn, but at Webs at least, I'm buying sweater yarn, which I do not have stashed.
Secondly, I have a free gym and pool at college. I think I'm dropping my night class, so I want to exercise. I LOVE to swim and I'm not awful at it PLUS one of my good friends on my floor loves to swim too, and we tried to swim together but my night class made it hard. I think I'm going to give another try - a few days a week, if not daily! I'm going back to school the 20th, so we'll see.

Let's see if those will stick for more than a month! I hope you had a good New Year's!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I'm very happy for you, the new yarn and the socks (both pairs!) look fabulous. Good luck with the resolutions, and the new mittens!

(Oh, by the way. I've been posting a while, and I haven't left any trace of who I am [ooh, spooky =P]! I'm Toile-dAraignee on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

that red and white looks great for the mittens: really classic, i wish i'd thought of it. :D i got some indigo and aqua for my pair, on its way to me at the moment. i'm super excited to get started!


p.s. WEBS? jealous!