Friday, January 2, 2009

An UnMatched FO

Well, not really, but I did finish two socks yesterday.

They just don't match.

The red sock is Mckayla's. It's the Through the Loops Mystery sock pattern and the other sock is just a garter rib (for me!). Mckayla's yarn is Oriri Designs Bamboo and merino, I'm not sure exactly... And then my sock is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock! I love this yarn. It's very squishy and springy, and I knit one sock in two days!

The colorway is "Rolling Stone". There's a bit of pooling, but not really that noticeable, I think!

And I think I love Eye of Partridge heel, I did it on both these socks!

Tomorrow, I'm going to Webs! I'm getting yarn for a sweater, and maybe some other yarns too! I'm so excited. I love Webs. I'm intensely lucky, it's only about an hour or so away from my house. A friend of mine lived about 20 minutes away from there during the semester and we're going to Sylvester's for brunch. Maybe I'll actually take pictures?

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Toile-dAraignee said...

Ooh, lovely! If you hadn't mentioned the pooling, I wouldn't have noticed. I love the colours on your sock, and Mckayla is a very lucky lady indeed to receive such a pretty sock! Bamboo and merino? Oh, bliss!

(Yuss, I figured out how to sign my comments!)