Monday, January 5, 2009

WEBs - Yarn Post!

I didn't buy THAT much yarn, considering I'm trying to go yarnless or close to it for a while (my only future yarn purchases will be from AcMoore or cheap sweater yarn for the next eight or so months!). I have tons of sock yarn, not as much as most, but still alot considering I'm a poor college student.

Malabrigo Sock! It's a lovely deep brown. I can't wait to use it!

Valley Yarns Northampton, 4 skeins white and one skein...

This lovely garnet color! For a sweater (I've swatched and done the maths, just gotta start it!).

Valley Yarns Stockbridge, for a beret or slouchy hat of some kind. Heather actually bought this for me for a Christmas present!

Undyed Fiber! 8 ounces of BFL, and 4 of domestic wool! This is what my wheel likes to spin - nice and round strands!

It's a little weird, because today I went to "back" to school to go to work, but I'm not starting school for another two weeks. But boy, it feels good to be productive again! I spent vacation doing nothing (as you probably figured out with the constant posting!).

I wanted to spin this vacation really bad, but I left all my extra bobbins and my lazy kate at school - and I can't get back into my dorm until the 19th! Grrr. Oh well.

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