Saturday, January 3, 2009

WEBs Trip 2009 v.1

We set off supposedly at 930, but sadly, I refused (aka just forgot) to get out of bed on time, so we were a little late, but it really didn't matter. We first went to Sylvester's, like I mentioned, and got some waffles.

But not before knitting at the table.



(chocolate and coconut Belgium waffles)

I took some "table pictures" as mike calls them (he makes fun at me for them).

We got some strong cappuccinos.

Went to Webs!

And got the last two skeins of malabrigo sock yarn that was in the retail store.

Looked at yarn!

(Heather in the front there, and Beki in the back)

Decided on yarn!

(Kristen is making knee socks!)

I bought some fiber, some sweater yarn (which has been swatched already!), a skein of the malabrigo sock yarn (heather bought the other!), and then Heather bought me a christmas gift - some Valley Yarns Stockbridge in a lime green to make a beret! I won't overload you today with more pictures - may as well string you along and introduce it slowly, right?

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Mo Barger said...

Looks like a great day!