Monday, February 23, 2009

Postcard and Mike's Socks: an FO

Like last week, I got a postcard from Mionlion, and I just wanted to share it! It was a pretty nifty card from disney, and it really made my day (I love getting mail at college...). The first two pictures are the front and back of the post card and then the last one is of the one I sent back (yes, I promise I will send it tomorrow! If I remember).

Now for mike's socks!

(I normally model the socks I make for others with socks or tights under them, and today I happened to be wearing penguin socks!)

Pattern: From "Knitting Vintage Socks", A Gentleman's sock in ringwood pattern
Yarn: Huntington Sock from Valley Yarn
Needles: Knitpicks Harmonies Dpns 2.25mm
mods: I just stole the st pattern and made up the rest - 60 sts, 30 sts heel, etc.

Pretty simple, huh? And today I finished the back of my Printed Silk Cardigan! Progress!

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Miss Lu said...

Mail at college is so awesome. Email or PM me your address and I'll drop a postcard to ya if you want!