Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cooking, not Knitting!

This time, I just baked/cooked with my roommate. Last night, we made dumplings. Entirely from scratch, we made over 60 (there were supposed to be 30 for each recipe but some of the fillings were split in half so they could fit in the dough).

We made two different kinds, a beef dumpling that was boiled, like ravoli and a pot sticker dumpling that had pork and nappa cabbage in it. I loved them both!

My roommate became an expert at folding them!

While I rolled out the dough - which is just flour and water and salt - which turns out to be very hard to roll out. This morning, I had arm muscles that weren't there yesterday.

Here they are cooked:

And we had a ton left over to fry at a later date!

We have more pork (which ended up being my favorite) so I might make more tomorrow night.

And then, today we made these delicious things (Pumpkin Doughnuts) :

We started with this really sticky pumpkin dough that was bright orange! Here's a mosaic of the process:

I really loved making them, it was surprisingly easy to deep-fry them, just I can't touch the oil for a long time - my roommate got a little drop of water in it and it sizzled for ten minutes after it had been cooling for about an hour! The oil can be reused, so I think I might make more tonight after dinner.
All this was just in the past two days - Saturday we made bread and chocolate chip cookies (a quadruple batch!) then Sunday, I made brownies for work!
Maybe I'll go make falafels now...


Toile-dAraignee said...

Mmm. Falafels. Yummy-looking dumplings, and gorgeous doughnuts! The hears were cute =) Shame they didn't come out so well on the actual doughnuts, but the doughtnut holes are adorable! Eat some of the yummies for me, please!

Knitterella Purl said...

This all looks so delicious!

Miss Lu said...

mmmmmmmm.... *drools*