Monday, March 30, 2009

New York Trip Spring 09

Our Student Government Association subsidized a NYC trip yesterday - there and back, a show and dinner (pizza) for $10.

It was originally supposed to be to go see Chicago, but it was changed to the Fantasticks, which was interesting, and I had never seen it before. It was pretty funny, and the acting was good, and it was a very small stage - I think it was a black box, but it was set up different then most, so maybe not.

But we had about an hour and a half before the show, in which we got to chinatown, wandered into Soho, realized how late it was, and wandered back in Chinatown, met Mullica's boyfriend and got lunch.

We were very late for the show: we were supposed to meet our group outside the theatre at 220, and we didn't get there til 240! We were supposed to get the N train in the subway but by the time we figured that out, the train had left the station!

But anyways.

On the bus, Mullica held my yarn so I could knit.


Here's a really cool store that we found that had bugs in amber, bones of random animals and pearls (I bought one!).

Here's the pearl: (It has a hole through it, so I'm going to put it on something)

We got lunch in Chinatown (at the same dumpling place that I went last time, with shoelesswonder)

I had some soup (in front, there) and some crab rangoon, and random bits of other food!

And then, we saw the show, and went to dinner.

(this is , me, amber and mullica in Times Square)

And dinner: (It was at John's Pizzeria, which is right off broadway - very good, and we got salad and garlic bread too!)

It was a good time, but I wish we hadn't been so rushed the whole time!


Elizabeth said...

This sounds like a fantastic trip! Going to NYC is a blast. I went last year for my school's band/choir trip. China town is so nuts, but so many good finds!

Toile-dAraignee said...

That sounds soooo awesome. I live vicariously... *sighs*

Dude, I don't think I've ever eaten dumplings.

Cimorine said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! what a fantastic trip! maybe you can put the pearl in the middle of a neckline of a sweater, or better yet, as the top and only button of a cardigan!

what yarn were you using while knitting in the car?