Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not Knitting

I realized today that I've not really knit in two days. I cast on for a sock yesterday but it was in some new sock yarn I have and I think I need to use smaller needles then I thought for it. I didn't get more than a row on it before I realized that. I've been writing my anthropology paper, and writing some english work and writing and writing and writing. Last night I had to just stop looking at any screens because I had just looked too long at my computer. This is the last week before spring break, and every teacher assigned everything this week, but next week! I will work three days and my roommate is coming home with me for half of the vacation, but I want to sew and spin and knit! And after vacation there's only 6 weeks left of the semester!

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Toile-dAraignee said...

I know what you mean. My sock needles are poking holes in my backpack, and are just reclining there.

Good luck with the anthropology paper, and the English work!

Many hugs,