Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I should be doing homework, but I took a little break to show you this:

I finished a Leyburn sock for my roommate in Blue moon Socks that Rock, Titania.

And I started a North Roe Shawl! (I think this will be for a floormate that has a birthday soon)

Knit with Fiddlesticks Merino/silk, it's really more of a green and I'm much farther along now.

Oh, and about the sweater - I didn't use the yarn called for in the pattern, but alot of people also used the same yarn! Actually, Lolly inspired me to use that particular yarn, and to my delight, she commented on my sweater! (I love her, I read her blog all the time!)

Those Polka dot mittens are really dragging, and sorry to all those who really wanted the pattern asap, I'm working on it, but general essays take preference (by conscience not by choice) to patternwriting. Though, thanks to my test knitters I've added bits and pieces to the pattern and I think it's near competeion, I just need at least one pair of finished mitts first! (I think mine are actually the closest but I can't do colorwork in class...) Soon!