Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Much Knitting, But Oh the Food and Snow!

Today was a snow day, which is wonderful because I had a midterm today that was canceled (but rescheduled to Wednesday), and I've finished the second sleeve of my sweater, and started the buttonbands.

Instead of dealing with the crappy food in our dining hall, we ordered in for Turkish/Middle Eastern food.

I got some Falafel! (Some sort of ground chickpea thing - odd looking but good!)

I also got a Kebeh pita sandwich. It says on the menu it has some lamb and other fried stuff in it, and to be honest I really had no idea what was in it while I was eating.

And lastly, some delicious Baklava! (so sweet!)

It was a good meal, and I think all this (I only got one piece of the baklava though!) cost like $8! So good and filling too!

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Toile-dAraignee said...

I've got a recipe for falafels! I think they're Greek, though.

Yumm =).