Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not Knitting, But Packing

I'm moving most of my stuff out today, so everything is in boxes, and my roommate's side of the room is currently exploding - she's from Chicago and apparently accumulated a lot of stuff over the semester.

I haven't really been knitting - all my extra time has been spent packing or writing a take home final (which I finished last night)! I knit a couple rows on the shawl last night, but it was like 1130, my roommate was in bed and sleeping and I was so tired. So I gave up!

And today, I've packed more, and put things into piles of urgent and non-urgent - I'm moving mostly out now, but I'm coming back saturday for an exam, and monday night into tuesday for tuesday exams!

That's actually the cleanest the room has been in at least for today!


Toile-dAraignee said...

Oof, danger zone, right there! Good luck getting it all cleared up. Are you getting a house near uni, orr...?

Miss Lu said...

I'm trying to pack up my dorm room too and it's crazy! I'm only moving two blocks over to an apartment and it's still a ton of work. Good luck on your finals!