Sunday, May 10, 2009

So, I'm pretty much home now. I live really close to my college, so I have one more wave of stuff to bring back - a fridge, rug, art paper, a chair, bedding, and my little table/stool/step thing. But the bulk of things are home, including my yarn. I did finally put all my yarn back into my yarn shelf after a year of not using it - and wow, it's pretty much full. And 1/3 of it is scraps! I'm trying to get rid of some on ravelry, but I keep wondering if I should maybe save some...

The end with the plastic bags are all the scraps, and there's even more in there behind them! The middle is all my fingering weight and lace weight, on the right there's all my fiber and handspun.

Actually, I've started spinning again! I think in Decemeber I bought some merino/silk with plans to spin and knit myself a porom, but... I just finished the yarn!

This is the first yarn that turned out almost exactly how I wanted it - a sport/dk weight, 2-ply and a little over 200 yards! Just perfect for a hat! And I started spinning some BFL for mittens - knowing that I probably won't finish spinning it into a 3 ply until oh, October.

Now that I've finished the silk kerchief, I only have one project on the needles - Wandia Socks for my mom, and I'm approaching the heel turn on the second. I do love summer because it's warm and I only have to deal with work and no school, but knitting is always an issue in summer - I often am knitting and wonder why because it's so hot!

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Team Knit ! said...

ooh, your handspun is gorgeous!! Love that colour.

- Julie