Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'm sorry, but this blog will probably be ignored during this summer. Sadly, I worked almost 10 hours yesterday, and I came home at 8 exhausted and ready to have a hot shower and eat ice cream. I lifeguarded through two rotations (2.5 hours each) had to two breaks and before that was trained in only one thing - which means today, I'll be trained in everything else! Oh, and I don't get to sit through my rotations, I have to walk and scan! Not to hard, but tiring. When I came home I knit for a little, and then fell into bed at 10pm. Pathetic, but I was so tired. I've been knitting on those two socks I've showed you, and looking forward to acquiring more yarn at WEBs when I go on wednesday! I think I'll deserve it after working four days straight (I'm working at the costume shop on tuesday).

Sorry I have no pictures to show - I also have no knitting to show! :( More when I'm not working!

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