Thursday, May 21, 2009

Socks and Socks

I finished the first of my dad's socks after many, many problems. First, I was knitting in lifeguard class, and wasn't paying too much attention to the pattern which made doing the heel turn correctly very difficult. Then, I looked at the sock and came to the conclusion that I didn't seem to have alot of yarn left, and the foot looked REALLY long. Oddly long, even for a sock meant for a man. So, dad tried it on, and it was about 2.5" too long, which makes sense, because I'm using a stretchy yarn with 1.5 US size needles. So I ripped, restarted the gusset increases and re-did the heel (which I could now do in my sleep), and zoomed up the cuff, and tada!

I love this heel. I will admit, I always avoid doing toe-up socks because of the short row heels, but this heel is great! I love it! It looks pretty nifty too!

I did get a bit of SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) and start another sock, though.

It's Rick from Cookie's book, and it is rather slow going, with twisted stitches and no rest rows, but it is for me and there isn't a deadline, so whatever!

I went and got my uniform (lifeguard fanny pack, swimsuit, shirt, shorts, whistle...) from Lake Compounce today. It's not that bad, compared to what other employees have to wear. The start up cost of this job is killing me, but I hope it'll pay off. I do miss seeing little kids alot - that's the one thing I loved about friendly's, because even if they're brats, you don't have to deal with them that long and they still are cute! I'm working for the next four days, so we'll see if I get any knitting done at all!


fiberfiend6891 said...

Ooooh, that is a really cool heel!

Team Knit ! said...

the heel on the green sock is so awesome! I love that Rick's sock you have on the needles, too- very interesting looking design.

- Julie