Thursday, June 11, 2009


One of the reasons I decided to get two jobs this summer is because I felt like I had no sense of direction last summer, when I was working 8-12 hours a week. I wanted to knit, but couldn't decide what, and when I did cast on, I didn't end up liking it.

Well, when I have been working, I haven't really been knitting, and when I have days off, I still have that same feeling - I'm thinking it's because I'm not doing anything - not getting out and doing things. I want to cast on for those socks that I want to knit out of the handspun, but haven't finished spinning the roving.

I've been winding yarn in preparation for future projects, and not casting on! Just looking forward to maine more and more when I can just sit and knit without the distraction of the internet, not that I'll get much knitting done then either.

Most of my issue is that my mom's sweater vest is not going well. I did a gauge swatch, I swear. It gave my 18 sts per 4". So, I didn't cast on what the pattern told me to, just did my own numbers. Knit about 5 inches. Measured gauge in my knitting, found it was 21/20 sts per 4". Which is the gauge called for in the pattern. Started over. Have about three inches now, just measure gauge - it's about 22 sts per inch. What the hell? I didn't think my gauge could change this much. Not to mention I have to order another ball because I didn't buy enough!

Worst part? From what I can tell if I keep knitting at the same gauge, it will not fit my mother. Unless it grows during blocking. And I have no way of knowing if it will because apparently, gauge swatches lie, alot.

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Anushka said...

that's annoying about the gauge swatch. Don't forget that you can sort out a lot of messy spots whilst blocking though, especially if you're using an animal fibre.
I worked two jobs last summer, i was working 6 days a week. it nearly killed me!