Sunday, June 14, 2009

Socks, and Future Dress!

I went to starbucks the other day with one of my good knitting friends (and real-life friend too) beki, and she brought this along. (I also work with beki, and her sister is my boss, and they both are wonderful - as coworkers, too)

I guess she needed to wind the yarn and the only thing she had was an umbrella. So, that's what happened, and I guess she's been carrying that around school for two days! The sock she's making is a made up pattern - it has eyelets the shape of a diamond on each fourth of the sock, it looks really good!

As for my knitting, I ordered another ball of yarn from WEBs for my mom's sweater vest. Just to be safe. I think even if I make it longer now, I'll have enough yarn for the whole thing. I just hope it gets bigger with blocking. Not much to show now though. The pattern says to increase back up after waist decreases after the whole thing measures 6" - but I think I'm gonna knit another inch or so before I increase. We'll see.

And, I started some socks!

The stripes are a little wider than I wanted but I still really like this sock! I started with knitting two at once, but apparently the beginning of the skein is an entirely different thickness than the end. So I think I'll use the beginning for the heel.

Today I also went to Joann's for some fabric (not that I need any, but they're having a sale - 1/2 off the clearance fabric!). I got all this for $10!

The white flowered one on the bottom is destined for a dress, with the green leafy one as a lining, and the rest are slotted for bags. What kind of bags? I have no idea. Not that I need bags. I do have to make one (maybe two) for the Teen Knitters and Crocheters Sock-a-long contest.

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