Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spinning a Little Bit

Since I got that grey alpaca at WEBs, I've been itching to get it onto the wheel, and get the BFL that's currently on it off!

Until, I finally did get some of the BFL off. I weighed the fiber that was left, and it was 2 ounces out of the four I had. So I decided I was going to ply the half that I already spun. I spun it in colored sections, so it should be self stripping when I knit with it. I'm not sure about how even the stripes will be, but still cool looking!

I love it! I was going to make mittens with it, but I think that colors would look better in a sock. I have 180 yds out of the 2 ounces there, and I think I'll take some of the undyed stuff and spin enough for a heel in a solid color. It's good to know that I can make a sock weight 3-ply (I navajo plied this batch), even if it does take a good fight to get it that thin. It's also no where near balanced!

But so pretty. I've started the second half, but am tempted to just start knitting some socks...

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