Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beach Days

Excuse the blog silence. I've been actually going places instead of staying home, Sunday I went to watch hill to one of my friends houses near the beach and we spent the first half of the day in the water, jumping the waves. Then, we went back to the house and rinsed off, and went to the shops at watch hill. I bought a book from a used book store, a nice little fabric headband and a bracelet. Oh and those nice little pillow mints that I got from a candy store!

And on tuesday, some of my friends from work, me and mike went on a road trip to Hammonasset, where there was still no knitting. However, yesterday, I woke up to some pretty intense sunburn. I went to work at the shop, and came home, watched TV and knit!

I'm into the third section out of 13 sections for this shawl, and I've pretty much memorized the chart, and the short row sections so I expect it to be really easy from here on out! One week til vacation in maine!

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