Friday, July 24, 2009

A Kitten, and Some Sock.

I actually have a couple things to blog about for once! My aunt, uncle and cousin went to Hawaii for two weeks and left us with their kitten. We've been enjoying her antics (especially my current cat, who is constantly spit at by her... he seems to be scared of her!).

Also, I've started two new projects now that I've finished the socks and the cowl! (not that I've touched those purple socks in a while...just too complicated!) I've been knitting my mom's sweater vest a little too - but one step forward, two back - I've found I didn't really increase enough and only have 200 instead of 204 sts. So, I have to fiddle with the armhole shaping to make it work, but it doesn't seem to mess anything up too much. The two new projects are a sock and a new shawl. Mike's been asking for some socks for a while (and has needed some - his old ones have holes, and I keep begging him to throw them out), and I started them the other day.

I actually love the way the Knitpick's Essential Multis is pooling - like nice little stripes. I cast on 64 sts in a 2X2 rib and am going to do a stockinette cuff.

And I've also won a skein of Painted Sheep's yarn in a "Spunky" colorway! I don't know how I keep winning things at the Teen Knitter's group, but I don't complain!


Toile-dAraignee said...

Aww, the kitten is so cute! I hope she and your cat warm to each other =).

The pooling on those socks is lovely!

Aaagh, congrats on winning =). You certainly made some complicated socks!

Team Knit ! said...

aww, what a cutie!!!

- Julie