Friday, July 3, 2009


I went to Saver's today! They just opened one in Manchester which is about a half hour drive from me. I've been knitting, but it's been spread pretty evenly between projects, so really no notable progress.

I did buy two dresses - for a total of $11. The black one is very form fitting and off the shoulder. I won't be able to wear it til winter though, unfortunately. It'll be too hot now!

And this one, the white one is more of a shift dress and it's from H&M - it was $6. I think that's what I love about Saver's - knowing the original person who bought it paid about two or three times more than me! I bought this one in mind with a particular belt I have, that my mom gave me, it's leather with a little fake bone peg to hook it on.

Happy July Fourth for those Americans, and Happy Late Canada Day! Wish me luck lifeguarding tomorrow!

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Cimorine said...

good luck life-guarding! the dresses look great! so, how about that knitting? :)