Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why I'm Not Blogging.

I'm sorry. Literally, the only reason I haven't been blogging is because of the sheer lack of things that I've finished knitting wise. My Kai-Mei sock is ready for it's heel, but a cuff of 3x3 ribbing is pretty boring. My mom's sweater vest... I counted the bust increases wrong, and thought I didn't do the fourth one, so I picked up sts. Apparently, I did do a fourth one, only to find this out after all the armhole bind off/separating fronts and backs thing. My own stupidity, but still it is annoying to rip that thing AGAIN.

Last week, I didn't really work much til saturday. I was sick on tuesday and part of wednesday (though the time I wasn't sick I was swimming with friends) and thursday was supposed to be work at LC but there were major thunderstorms. Friday I had off, and Saturday was fourth of july. Besides tons of people and alot of lost children (all found), it was not that bad, even though we had to rearrange the whole waterpark's chairs before we left - I think everyone wanted home, so it was done fast. Alot of people came back after showering and changing to watch the fireworks, I just hung out with friends...I was way too tired to even try to find some fireworks.

Here's a knitting picture: (though I haven't touched that cowl in a long time...)

I worked at LC sunday and monday the whole day, and monday we had inservice (weekly CPR/rescue refreshers, often very annoying and long, but we are paid for them) but this week we rode almost all the slides during it (while literally running around the park with all the people waiting outside the gates watching us), after doing some fun rescue games. Tuesday and wednesday I spent half my days at the costume shop, and came home for the second half. I didn't really knit, I had to go shopping for sunglasses on tuesday (I got 3 pairs for $8!), and yesterday afternoon/night I hung out with various friends, moving from house to house. I spent the most time outside or near a fire outside, not really prime knitting space. Hopefully, I will have some finished/progress shots for you soon! Be patient! Please...

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Cimorine said...

Hey, it's better than MY excuse for not blogging! and you posted a pic, which is more than my poor readers do! and don't worry. we all make mistakes. you'l get it! I'm totally patient, and I LOVE the pic! good luck!