Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to Fall

It's sort of like we went back in time to May - about 65 degrees, and raining for the past day or so, and is supposed to until tomorrow night. However, I did get sent home early (which was good, because as I was standing in the rain watching pretty much empty water, I was contemplating what was the best time of day to quit and leave...), and tomorrow it looks like the same thing will happen (as in the waterpark will be closed).

Yesterday, though, I went to a departmental orientation at my college for my major (anthropology) and am now very excited about school - I spoke with my adviser about the possibility of me graduating early (since I'm transferring in, I have most of my general eds done), and looks like I'll be able to graduate a semester early, with my last semester being only my senior thesis. We spoke about me possibly getting a masters of fine arts after a bachelors, and pretty much everything we talked about made me very excited to start school - in two more days! I still have yet to get a textbook (I think this is mostly because I refuse because it is too damn expensive and I can't find it anywhere for under $110!), and one is still the mail! I registered the car at school for parking, and I ahve notebooks. I have not yet made that laptop case I was planning on getting around to last summer (an improved version of the one that I made spring break - with thin foam and a heavier fabric).

But I did decide that I wanted to knit my adviser something, and I wound some yarn for it!

I'm thinking some kind of shawl knit out of this - a merino, alpaca and bamboo blend. I have 400 yards!

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