Friday, August 7, 2009

Here, in Maine!

We drove up to Maine yesterday, and today was our first day here. There's no internet in the house (besides some really slow dial up) and I'm currently at a tiny local library with mike using our laptops.

Today we went for a drive "into town" (45 minutes to get to a walmart for a camera memory card) and went to the Black Woods Alpaca Farm where I bought this:

I love it. I don't remember the name of the alpaca it's from but that brown is his natural color and this a mill-spun sport weight so I'm going to knit a cowl for myself out of it.

Before that, we went to Shirely's Yarns where I bought this sock yarn for mike, which is more of a yellow/green/blue than that purple, but still gorgeous!

That's superwash merino 2 ply from Done Roving Farms.

I've been spinning a bit, I've started on the second bobbin of the alpaca and this afternoon, I spun on the porch a little (until the clouds started rolling in).

Mike took these, and he got a really good shot of the flyer in action!

This is only our first day here, and we hope tomorrow it'll be nice and we can go kayaking on one of the lakes around here, and maybe to Acadia national park another day, etc... We're only here a total of 6 days that aren't traveling days, and everything feels very squished! I'll hopefully be able to post after the weekend - the library isn't open til monday! I want to get some pictures of the inside of the house, and the blueberry fields - we haven't even been blueberry picking yet!

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fiberfiend6891 said...

That's a mad cool picture. :)