Sunday, August 9, 2009

Knitting and Baking

We've been very busy in Maine, after the first day of shopping, we went kayaking yesterday, when of course I forgot the memory card in my computer at home and couldn't even take pictures of the lake we kayaked on! It was rather windy and after about 30 minutes out on the water, my arms were very tired. And there were little waves and whitecaps on a lake!

We've made Peach Muffins and banana bread too!

Knitting wise, I've finished the body of my mom's sweater vest and have started on the button holes, and soon, I will have an FO!

And Mike's sock are coming along, I've been knitting them in the car when we drive (which is alot!).

I absolutely love the pooling it's doing! Hopefully I'll have a finished sock and a finished sweater vest soon!


Mo said...

The knitting looks awesome, of course! but those muffins! Can you post the recipe? Pretty please?

Team Knit ! said...

those muffins look incredible!!! you've totally set me off on a sugar craving now. And your knits looks great, too!! I agree, the sock pooling is working out well!

- Julie