Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to School

School started. I'm really busy, but hopefully, I'll be a little less busy and have basically open weekends in my life soon - I'm still working at lake compounce for the weekends now.

I switched some classes around, and found out I needed to buy a couple books I didn't think I needed - and I bought a used older edition book - which is normally fine, but apparently not in biological anthropology, so I had to buy another book! I listed some books on amazon to see if I could make some extra money on them, and one actually just sold! So I can go buy art supplies tomorrow!

I have been knitting - I started a sock for mike, out of the yarn I got in Maine, and I've continued knitting on the lily shawl, I'm on the ninth repeat!

I plan on a lot of plain sock knitting this semester - there's not a lot of christmas knitting I need to do, what I needed to be done is mostly finished. I also have some shawls planed - a Damson and a couple others too! I love fall.


Team Knit ! said...

love the sock so far!! I totally wish I had really been knitting while I was in university, I would have knitted so many things during lectures....

- Julie

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I hate the book-buying season. Our school has changed the book list AFTER I bought all my books, and then it turns out one of the semi-expensive ones we'll only be reading two chapters from - one of which we already read last year and is available as a PDF. What a waste of money.

But congrats on your new job! Cash registers can be really tricky. Ours will scan things twice if I press the button too hard. :P And I love fall too!! Best season of all!!