Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Thoughts

First, these Rick socks? I keep screwing them up. Alot. I decreased twice because I screwed up the pattern, and had to take alot out.

So then, I took all that yarn out, and started from the point before I decreased, and then, even though I was using the same skein, this happened.

It just changed color! There was an obvious join in the yarn (first one I've encountered). I know there were issues with Knitpicks Essential (in the original 50gram skeins), I even bought it on sale. But it seems a little strange that it was in the middle of skein. I think I'm going to call Knitpicks...

I really have no problem with this, but well, I just think it's a bad representation of a good yarn company. I love Knitpicks yarn alot. I'm thinking of making a sweater vest and a cardigan for myself - both out of knitpicks yarns, they're cheap, good quality and they ship fast. I've been thinking about a Tomtem jacket, and I need to buy yarn for it. I think it's going to take about 800 yards, and I want to use a washable yarn. Preferably, I'd like to use something that'll be under $20. Any suggestions? I could use something like Knitpicks Comfy or Cotton Ease but is a cotton warm enough for a little jacket?

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Anonymous said...

I miss you! Sams! I'm stalking your blog right now while I'm working. Love Mullica!