Friday, September 11, 2009

Two Kinds of FOs!

First, the sewing FO!

I saw a similar laptop case about a year ago and wanted one for my 17" laptop, but I can't even find a regular boring black laptop case for a 17" laptop! I bought 1/2" foam (too much, I bought a yard and only needed maybe 2/3), some home decor heavy weight fabric, and some heavy quilters cotton for the yellow lining. I used a re-purposed strap that my mom had for the shoulder strap, and I meant to sew handles onto either side, but no big deal that I forgot!

Here's the back, and a shot of the lining.

I hand sewed part of the zipper in, because the foam made the bag hard to maneuver around the sewing machine. I made alot of mistakes on this, but it turned out fine in the end, and it fits my laptop, power cord, and a notebook.

Now, for the knitting FO.

Pattern: Sweet Lily Shawl
Yarn: Misti Alpaca laceweight, 1.1 skeins. (I broke into it in last repeat)
Needles: US size 6 (I do wish I had used the size 8 recommended, though)
Mods: The smaller needle size, and I did accidentally do a garter stitch gutter between the nupp pattern repeat.

I had alot of trouble blocking this, mostly because I blocked in a true half circle and I also REALLY need blocking wires!


Team Knit ! said...

oh wow, that shawl is stunning! and that bag is very cool. Great job!!

- Julie

Erin said...

The shawl is just breath taking!

Crafty Lulu said...

My roommate has a computer bag that looks almost exactly like yours! but of course she bought it and probably paid full price even.

Think you could sketch out a rough pattern? I'd love to make one for my 15.4" laptop.