Friday, October 30, 2009


I've finished both fronts of the Audrey cardigan, and I've started on the back! I've been knitting along pretty fast, and it certainly helps that I love the yarn!

(that funny gray bit on the right side of my picture is my cat, he sits in my seat whenever I get up)

I'm about an inch or two in to the back, which you can't really see. I LOVED doing the lace portion, I did it rather loosely, but it still needs a good blocking.

I really haven't been doing any other knitting, though I did accidentally forget any other knitting yesterday for class, and I ended up knitting my cousin Max's Tomten jacket. I saw my Nana yesterday while working at Joann Fabrics, and she told me he's not as chubby as he used to be...This jacket is aiming to be a 2 year old size and I think it's even coming out a little bigger. But, it will fit him eventually (he's about 14 months now).

Mike's told me he wants a sweater. We settled on Retrofit, while it is an older pattern, I like it, and apparently, stockinette fits the bill for class knitting. He wants yellow sleeves and a green body, so I think a trip to WEBs is in order (their 20% off of $60 purchases is addicting...).

A little bit later today, Mike and I are going to a cemtery - I have to do a project for Archaeology, and I really don't want to go on Halloween, so today it is. I'm planning on taking some pictures, if I get some good/interesting ones, I'll share them!


Anonymous said...

Looks great. Can't wait to see it finished and modeled!

Team Knit ! said...

looks gorgeous so far. I love the colour so much!! A rich burgundy is so perfect for fall and winter.

- Julie