Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Step Foward...

Today was very cold, colder than I expected, and I only wore a light sweater. I also forgot a scarf/shawl, and I decided I need to knit more cowls. I'm thinking Poinsettia, but Mike is using my size 6 circs, he's using the yarn we got at the Ravelry party to make a hat! He's doing really well so far, actually.

My other problem recently is my hands been hurting alot recently, like pain in the wrists and in my fingers in my left hand. I think it's because I've only been knitting on the sweater, and not really changing any needle sizes. I've screwed up a couple times and had to rip back, first I thought that I didn't do the decreases right, then I realized that I was originally right and made it wrong after ripping it and reknitting. But I've got it figured out now, and I'm going to separate for the fronts and backs soon!

And I want to figure out a new scarf/cowl to knit...maybe it's time to order more needles?

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Team Knit ! said...

that sweater is looking great so far! dpns are the only needles that give my wrist trouble, but sometimes really heavy knits do, too. Definitely order new needles for the cowl!!

- Julie