Friday, October 23, 2009

Swatching and Knitting

I swatched alot before I started this sweater (Audrey in Unst from the Twist Collective).

The red is what the sweater is going to be, but the blue is the same yarn, knit on the 6s, and the red does not have any drape at all, knit on size fours, which I actually got gauge on, but who wants a stiff sweater?

I didn't get gauge, because apparently, sport weight is much different than DK weight. I bought two projects worth of this yarn and didn't get gauge with the recommended needles for either. I emailed the designer of the sweater to get her opinion about reworking the numbers, and she suggested using a smaller size, so I crunched some numbers and I'm using the 32.5" size to get the 34.5" size. I'm 35", so this should fit me like a glove...right?

Anyways, the knitting is going really fast, and I'm adding length to the body before I start the decreases.

I love it. I love knitting it too! I have to figure out how add more length so I'm putting it aside for today until I figure that out.

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Team Knit ! said...

I love the yarn you chose!! it's going to be gorgeous.

- Julie