Saturday, November 21, 2009

Apple Butter and Socks!

We are getting scarily close to christmas, here. A little over a month away! I'm currently at home, trying to make gifts for Mike's family:

Apple butter! There are tons of online recipes for this, I just picked one for a slow cooker. My mom makes it by making apple sauce then cooking it down, but this looks like the same thing, only easier! (I hope.) I did have some issues already, I added the sugar when I shouldn't have (the recipe I was going off of said to add it after six hours on high), so I'm sort of combining two recipes, one with apple cider vingear, nutmeg and brown sugar, and another with some cinnamon and cloves. So I put all the spices in, all the sugar and all the apples, which are food processed so I don't have to deal with lumps later!

I'm planning to cook it 2 hours on high (we're approaching an hour on high, like the second recipe said, and not all the mixture is even hot yet!), then 9-11 hours on low, until it's done. That's the plan anyways. Then I have to can them all, which if the timetable is right, I'm lucky if I'm canning at like 10pm! I'll have to report back about how these turn out!

In knitting news:

Pattern: Plain Jane socks, top down with a heel flap!
Yarn: The Unique Sheep Verve, Colorway: Spunky (I won this yarn in a contest for the Teen Knitter and Crocheters Group!)
Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPNS size 1, 6"

Now, I have to finish another pair of socks for myself before the real christmas crazyness starts (I realized the other day that I have all my exams on two days, so I can work alot at Joann's after those days...Not sure if that's a good thing!).

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