Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yarn That Has a Story

I ordered some yarn from Knitpicks about a week ago, and I was wondering recently when it was going to show up, and so I checked the tracking. I saw the shipping address: it was being shipped to Hartford! I lived on campus at Uhart last year and I still hadn't changed the address back to my house! I had to call Hartford repeatedly and get to the post office, but luckily since it had my name on it, I was able to just pick it up when I got a break from work, since I still work at Uhart.

I got City Tweed, which is LOVELY! I can't wait to cast on for the hat I'm going to make with it for my grandfather! I bought the sock yarn (Firecracker Heather) once I figured out I didn't have enough socks!

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Julie said...

ooh, I've been craving the knitpicks city tweed for a while, but promised myself I'd hold off until the new year- very tempting in that pic!