Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and Knitting!

I had two lovely thanksgivings the past couple days and I spent some time this morning with mike's dad's family putting up their Christmas tree (I think it's ridiculously early, but who am I to mess with their traditions?).

Yesterday I had my mom's side of the family's thanksgiving (a day late), and managed to get pictures, unlike at my dad's side's thanksgiving!

My baby cousin is about 15 months old, and I did give him his sweater, which is thankfully too big! I didn't get any pictures of it yet. He's walking around quite well and is chattering away in baby talk still!

My nana showed me her knitting (a sock!).

And of course everyone at the table (not everyone is in this picture, I tried!).

As for knitting, here's the Columbia Beret I'm knitting for mike's sister (one of the many).

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